Buyers - The Buying Process

When deciding to buy your new home one of the first things you should look at is, can you really afford to buy a home. If you are a cash purchaser then that answer is simple, however if you need a mortgage then really you need to speak to a mortgage advisor first because the rules change and you might not be able to afford what you think you can.  Why not call us and speak to our mortgage advisor who has many years looking at the whole of the market.


After you know what you can afford then now is the time to look for properties in your price band.


Take a look through our available properties and call us to arrange a viewing.


When you go to the viewing look at the property in great detail to meet your needs, don't be afraid to ask questions.


We realise that not everything can be taken in on the first viewing so why not book a second viewing to recap and have any new questions answered.


The Offer Process


When you decide to buy the property just give us a call to place the offer. We will need proof from you that you can afford what you offer. You can do this by either speaking to our mortgage advisor or by providing bank statements. If your offer is accepted then the legal process can begin.


We will instruct your solicitors or we can recommend solicitors and all you have to do is wait to be contacted by them. You will need to pay for searches and other small fees that the solicitors will discuss with you. If you are taking a mortgage your advisor will take the survey fee and help you with the application.


After this its just a case of waiting until completion. When the purchase is complete your solicitor will advise where you collect your keys from.


We can also help you through the process

Request a Valuation