Blanket benefit ban ruled unlawful


Landlords are being reminded they should not have blanket policies that discriminate against benefits claimants.

This comes following a court case in York, regarding a letting agent which refused to rent any properties to a single mother due to a ‘long term policy’ of not accepting housing benefit.

The judge ruled it is unlawful for landlords to discriminate in this way.

Chris Norris, Policy Director for the NRLA said: “No landlord should discriminate against tenants because they are in receipt of benefits. 

“Every tenant’s circumstance is different and so they should be treated on a case by case basis based on their ability to sustain a tenancy.”

“More broadly, the Government can also support this work by ensuring benefits cover rents entirely.

“It should also convert the loans to cover the five week wait for the first payment of Universal Credit into grants.” 

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